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27 December 2005 @ 11:49 pm
feels_like_fire is the cutest thing in the world, so I must obey her and update. :P I got yer card!

What has been happening... I've been working out, despite being the laziest person in the world. Boo-yeah.

MITCH IS BACK OMGYAY. He got back on the 23rd technically, since it was past midnight. The beard was huge and 3-D and bright red. There was actual curls. It was lovely and gone after scissors and six complementary razors. We stayed up until 6 AM wandering the hotel in Vancouver, BC and then cuddling on a bed. Then he went to sleep and I did not. >.< Also didn't sleep the next night. I was more excited than I thought to have him back. I am the worst without sleep, but thankfully my mum brought my sleeping pills when we went to Oregon on Christmas Eve.

Christmas is always the best with the Peddicords (Mum's side), but I was mooning just a little bit for Mitch. The world is a better place because I have Dog Day Afternoon and the entire Tomorrow series - most apparently from libraries. *dies* Eeee. Mitch got me lots o' stuff, most notably perfume from France, astrological leather profiles in Italian (Toro = me, Cancro = him), and a sarong type thing that's become a small blanket/shawl because hell if I know how sarongs work. :P And a Playboy bunny ring from Senegal, wtf.

His mom made me a choker - she does leather work - that is truly gorgeous, and a totally awesome stocking made of elk and bunny. It makes me laugh, since I'm on PETA2's mailing list. She's never made Mitch a stocking, and they don't get excited about Christmas. It saddens me. She might have liked me more than her son, before I snapped at her - and apologised! Because I'm a good person girlfriend.

I really, really want to see Goblet of Fire on IMAX (btw, Harry Potter midnight showing, bitches!) then watch the Seattle Space Needle explode on New Years Eve. Mitch has been invited to a D&D party on the same night and... I dunno. I'm not going there alone, that's for sure.

It's rather funny, and no one wants to hear this, but both of our sex drives died while he was gone, but they came back with a fucking vengence after the first kiss. Hee.

Ich bin froh.
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Music is my radar: drunken whorefeels_like_fire on December 28th, 2005 02:00 pm (UTC)
ZOMG YAY YOU GOT MY CARD! *prances happily and skips around* YAY YAY YAY!

Oh god why am I up.

Ericapervinca on December 29th, 2005 12:26 am (UTC)